so who am I? 

you can call me A

Yes I realize I have a picture of myself on here, but I still want to have a little anonymity.

I’m 18. I love noodles.

Why did I start this blog?

For over a year now, I have been exploring myself sexually, romantically, and internally through my various affairs with men and women. I met most of these wonderful people online. I think that a lot of people are apprehensive about online dating, but in my experience it has worked out well for the most part. Doing something a little risky is always a little fun! Chronicling my experiences would be a fun way to express myself creatively as it would help me practice writing for comedy, which is what I want to hopefully do as a career. This blog would also provide women…and men resources for having the best online dating/hookup experiences they can have. When you’re apprehensive about something, it is much more comforting to read about somebody else’s experiences. This blog is for my own personal venting, ranting, and rambling as well as for my audience’s entertainment. I hope you’ll all enjoy what I post!!

What am I doing with my life besides breaking hearts?

I’m currently a freshman at a liberal arts college studying everything from film theory to Japanese. My dream job would involve screenwriting, but I’d honestly be just as happy working as an NBC page if it meant I got to see Jimmy Fallon. I’m originally from Ithaca, New York and then moved to Maryland around 3rd grade. I am also in an open relationship with my wonderful, amazing, lovely boyfriend, M. We have been together for nearly a year now despite the 350 mile difference between us while I’m away at school.

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